Monday, May 2, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes!

The Living Photo Booth Project has an official website! Check out the new packages we are offering and follow our updates, including information about upcoming performances, in the "news" section.  

Thanks,  Laura & April

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picture Perfect Gallery Night

A BIG THANKS goes out to Yama Yoga for hosting a wonderful Gallery Event last Friday. It was a wonderful place to find yourself during the icky rainstorm. The Paintings of Steve Somers and Sean Bodley were enhanced by the live music by Ryan Hader and viewers were easily transported to a different world.
Artist Steve Somers

Yama Yoga's space is very beautiful and spacious and they arranged for us to have our own room. It was the most ideal and stress free set up we have done yet. The room even came equipped with a solid wall of mirrors that were perfect for guests to fully check out their garb.

Laura and the Set Up

Everyone was really friendly and eager to enjoy themselves while sharing in laughter. We are looking forward to future events that Yama Yoga plans to host.
The Yoga CowGals!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Join Us for Gallery Night...

The Living Photo Booth Project will be performing custom photographic arts at Yama Yoga for Gallery Night, Friday April 15th, from 7pm-9pm during a night of fine art, music, and yoga. 

Inspired by the paintings of Sean Bodley and Steve Somers, we created a few new additions to our prop collection.

Yama Yoga is located in Milwaukee's Historic 3rd Ward Art District at 231 E. Buffalo Street, 2nd Floor. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jackpot Gallery "Fabled Exhibition"

This past Saturday April and Laura had a blast at Jackpot Gallery for a student photo exhibition. We had some technical difficulties with the computer and printer so we decided to just have fun. Never tell anything mechanical that your in a hurry. Check out all our photos from the event here.
Here's one happy couple thoroughly enjoying themselves!

And here is the 2011 Tableaux Photography Class who created the reason for the celebration with their hard work. A special thanks goes out to Naomi Shersty for her dedicated teaching and fun loving attitude!

Feel free to contact us at to order a print from the event. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Springing Back In Action!

Don't forget to SPRING your clocks ahead at Midnight this Sunday Morning. With the weather getting nicer and daylight shining longer life is springing out of the woodwork. Have you noticed the birds chirping outside your window or the growing number of large puddles from the melting snow??? And most IMPORTANT: The Living Photo Booth Project is BACK. IN. ACTION.

Check out some of what we've been preparing...

 See you tomorrow evening at Jackpot Gallery located at 825 E. Center St. in the heart Riverwest across from FUEL CAFE. 6pm-10pm

Can't WAIT!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Living Photo Booth Project at Jackpot Gallery

This Saturday (March 12th), The Living Photo Booth Project will make an appearance at Jackpot Gallery during an exhibition opening (6-10pm). We will be taking a classic approach to the traditional photo booth and featuring a few new props inspired by photography itself.

"Fabled" features nine local tableau photographers that explore a variety of topics with a narrative approach. Artists include: Amber Schwalenberg, Lindsey Mueller, Michael Goelzer, Amber Blanchard, Ally Santiago, Jessica Farrell, Jean Yang, Cassandra Hansen and Brian Slawson.

Jessica Farrell, Discovery, 2010

Michael Goelzer

Come enjoy photography on the walls and in your hands. Browse for a bit and then step inside The Living Photo Booth for a printed image to take home. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Better late than never...

The ladies of The Living Photo Booth Project have been busy with typical Holiday ventures, but would like to recap on a successful evening at the Art Bar's Country Western Christmas Party.

The evening kicked off with a special VIP hour for the regulars. Of course they were quite prepared for the country western theme and barely needed our custom props to complete their outfits. See below...

When the doors opened to the general public, The Living Photo Booth Project's props began to emerge. Favorites included a lasso, mistletoe, various mustaches, horses on sticks, and our most important custom prop, Cowboy Santa himself. As the night continued, the audience became more creative with their ideas.

Visit our flickr for a complete collection of the night's photographs. Special thanks to our Santa, Jake Newborn! Stay tuned for future sitings of The Living Photo Booth Project. If you are planning a party and would like us to photograph you and your guests, shoot us an email at: